Culture TECH

I’m rather excited about a festival that’s happening up the road in Derry at the end of the month. I’m not involved in Culture TECH, although I do feel a little biased because it’s happening on my home turf, Northern Ireland.

I’ve spent the last 3 years travelling the world to get my fix of all things digital, techy, new and exciting … but this time the festival is right on my doorstep.

The line up of speakers is pretty impressive to, lots of arts, culture and even a few museum speakers.

You can check it out here CultureTech website

Culture TECH is a new festival which is being run by Digital Derry, festival director Mark told me

”We want CultureTECH to be a celebration of all things digital and bring together elements of both a festival and a conference – with speakers and workshops running alongside film screenings, live music events and a games tournament. It’s no secret that we’ve been inspired by events like SxSW where the ‘fun’ is as important as the ‘business’. And while this year’s CultureTECH is already likely to be one of the biggest digital events in Ireland, our 10 year plan is to make this a European-scale festival.”

Highlights for me include the Digital Culture workshop being led by the guys at Sync, Hugh Wallace Head of Digital Media at National and another Scottish speaker Kath Mainland, CEO Edinburgh Fringe

So why not come visit? It’s really blooming cheap – adults £49, students £29 for four days of conference sessions and gigs. The hotels are cheap and the bars good.

Book a flight, jump on a bus, visit Northern Ireland and get your geek on!

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