Play: a collection of interesting links

A collection of 5 nice examples taken from different corners of the internet. Enjoy!

1. Games we play

A lovely video that reminded me how much, as an adult I still play games most days

2. Playtimes: a century of children’s games and rhymes

This is a great resource filled with videos, and descriptions of street games from years gone by. It made me want to take down my washing line and go skipping like they did way back when

3. MoMA Century of  The Child

This is the micro site for the ‘Century of The Child’ exhibition which is currently on show at MoMA. It’s a really stunning website, filled with lovely things.

4. Lego Festival of Play

5. National Trust. 50 things to do before you 11 3/4

The 50 Things to Do Before you’re 11 ¾ is a website that lets you record your progress as you try and complete 50 tasks. The aim of the campaign is to get kids off the sofa and outside. Each challenge also has a ‘how to video’ on youtube
Helpfully you can view a how to video for each activity, here’s how to build a den

Need to justify play to your boss here’s a nice Forbes article for you

Want to be more creative? Pull a Prank at the Office

so in conclusion … 

Go Play!

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