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**Short form arts and culture writing (interviews, reviews and opinion pieces)

How to Make the Most of an Art Fair…. – Arts Professional

Dialogue, Collaboration and Exchange: What Makes a City Creative? – It’s Nice That

Hunger Strikes and Teenage Angst – The World of @NrnIrnGirl1981– The Irish Times

Crowdfunding for the Great and Small – Arts Professional

What Can Crowdfunding Offer the Arts Beyond Money? – The Guardian

Crowdfunding Toolkit – Arts & Business NI

Art of the Troubles – Museums Journal

Metropolitan Museum of Art, US Museum Practice

Digital Pro Bono: Time for cultural giants to offer their services – Guardian, Culture Professionals Network (republication of Culture Sync article)

Digital Pro Bono: Time for cultural giants to offer their services – Culture Sync

This is Our Playground: Recognising the Value of Students as Innovators Museums and The Web 2013

What Next for Museums? –Guardian (culture professionals live chat)

Museums and Digital Engagement: A New York Perspective – Winston Churchill Memorial Trust

Strategies for a Digital Culture Arts Professional

From Virtual to Reality Arts Professional

Does New York show the way to the digital future for local museums? Centre for Media Research Blog

Let’s Get Real Culture 24 Guest Blog

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