New York New York

I am beyond excited that I have been awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship. I’ll be going to New York on the 1st of June for 5 weeks.

In the spirit of my research I’m keen to crowd source some tips and introductions 

Can you help?

  • What museums should I visit? Are there any small museums that I might not have heard of, but are worth a visit?
  • Who should I speak to? I’m keen to meet a range of education, digital and marketing people from museums, and tech companies.
  • What events should I attend? i.e. special events, tours, talks (I see that the Whitney do Pram tours for new mums which sound great).
  • Should I take a class? I haven’t taken an art or art history class in what seems like forever, does your museum run any adult saturday or late night classes that I could join?
  • What else should I do? Restaurants, bars, shows, festivals

I’ve already booked to go to the Games for Change and Communicating the Museum Conferences and set myself two questions to try and answer during my research trip:

  1. How are museums in New York using digital technologies to extend Art History Education?
  2. Why are some museums more innovative than others?

If you’ve got a tip leave a comment here, email me or tweet me @OonaghTweets

5 thoughts on “New York New York

  1. Lisa Baxter says:

    Have a wonderful time there Oonagh. Here’s a non-arts yet great ‘experiential tip’ … treat yourself to a cocktail at the Plaza Hotel (just off Central Park at the top of 5th Ave). Relax and people watch … then ask one of the waiters there (they are AMAZING) about the Rubicon Chandeliers and try and spot the rubies.

  2. Lisa Baxter says:

    … forgot – a frozen hot chocolate at SERENDIPITY. Make sure you sit downstairs … and share it with a friend. They’re huge, and unforgettably delicious.

  3. Oonagh Murphy says:

    Thanks guys! Have had lots of tips on twitter to, will pull them all together and create a to do list blog post to share. So much better than a guide book 🙂

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