Treasure hunt, social challenge and game building platforms

This is just a quick post with a list of some interesting treasure hunt, social challenge and game building platforms I have come across over the last couple of weeks. Would love to know how people are using them so feel free to leave a comment of tweet me @OonaghTweets

Super Going

Was launched as part of SFMoMA Art Game Lab exhibition. The site allows users to post challenges and tasks for other users to complete. Challenges are grouped by topics such as ‘SFMOMA’. Challenges under this topic include bring an unusual item and check it into the cloakroom at the museum, pictures responses show people checking in light sabers and fruit. Another challenge was to take a photo of your face responding to a painting, cue lots of really random and funny photos.


Lets people build location based treasure hunts. Science MuseumSmithsonian and Topshop have all used SVNGR to build collection based trails.


Zondle enables teachers and students to create games to support exactly their learning needs: phonics games, science games, language games and lots more’

Wild Knowldge

Is an information gathering tool, it allows organisations to crowd source information. The British Museum have been using it in workshops in their digital learning lab, sending school groups out with phones and asking them to research specific areas of their collection, by taking pictures, notes and interviewing people. The groups can then come back into the digital learning centre and share what they found.


If I’m honest I don’t really get Playfic , but I’ve included it here because it sounds like it ‘should’ be a good thing, its developers describe it as “a community for writing, sharing, and playing interactive fiction games (aka ‘text adventures’) entirely from your browser” This blog sums it up quite nicely. Would love to know if anyone is using it? and, if you think it’s any good?


Is aimed at market researchers. It allows companies to create small tasks, such as asking people to check how a product is displayed in their local Tesco, they take a photo and get credit for doing it, these credits then turn into money. It’s essentially a crowd sourcing research app. It hasn’t been used by any museums, or arts organisations but  there is definitely room to develop Roamler for audience research.

Google Forms

I cam across a really interesting article on the Bionic Teacher blog about using google forms to create choose your own adventure text based games, it’s well worth a read!

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