How about spending your time online more wisely?

Whilst this might be a very patronising advert aimed at job seekers, I do like the challenge it poses: ‘How about spending your time online more wisely?’

It’s a challenge that I would like to see museums pose to their visitors. In a social media, viral video, 24 hour connected world, museums offer a unique, curated voice …they offer an opportunity for people to ‘spend their time more wisely’ online.

Museums are unique cultural institutions. The challenge for museums is however to create a unique online experience. An experience that stands out from the vast array of dynamic, quickly produced, ever changing, timely online content.

Museum websites, like museum buildings could be unique, and exciting spaces … spaces to spend your time more wisely. They should provide a  fulfilling, interesting and perhaps even fun way to kill a few hours on the internet.

Shelley Bernstein at the Brooklyn Museum has led the way in creating exciting online museum experiences. Her work has increased engagement, participation levels and dwell time by offering fullfilling and rewarding experiences through projects such as Click! A crowd curated exhibition and Split second: Indian paintings

A guess the key questions we must ask are:

How can museums stand out from the online crowd?

How can museums offer challenging, yet rewarding experiences?

How can museums become more digitally relevant?

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