Perhaps celebrities can help us attract younger visitors…

Celebrity endorsement is a powerful influencer, yet very few museums have worked with celebrities as a way to develop a younger audience. A number of high brow celebrities such as Jon Snow, Jarvis Cocker and Lauren Laverne publicly support museums. Indeed celebrities often attend museum openings, but these celebrities are older, with high brow, old money appeal.

If museums want to develop a younger audience then they should change how they position their celebrity relationship’s. I guess it involves a shift from Harpers Bazaar and Tatler, to Heat and Now magazines.

It’s a simple formula really, if Katie Price visits the V&A so to will her fans, if Gaga visits Tate so to will her fans, but not only will they visit they will tell their friends about their experience both online and in person.  The combination of peer recommendation and celebrity endorsement provides a strong foundation from which to encourage younger visitors into museums.

I wonder if museums are willing to work with popstar’s, divas, topless models and WAG’s to bring in younger visitors…

I suspect not!

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