Talks and Workshops

Museum Management – Branding Intensive (5 day workshop) – British Council, Uzbekistan, May 20th – 24th May

Introducing the Museums AI NetworkAnother AI – New Museum, New York, April 24th – 26th April 2019

Hacking the museum: Appropriation, Reproduction and Digital Culture. Cast Courts Conference Celebrating Reproductions: Past, Present and Future – V&A, London, 17th – 19th January 2019

Hacking the Museum: Digital Culture, Content and Visitor Appropriation of Museum CollectionsThe Art Museum in the Digital Age, Belvedere Museum – Vienna, 10th – 11th January 2019

Relative peace: Museum policy and Practice a Northern Ireland perspective – Social Theory, Politics & the Arts Conference – Manchester, 1st – 3rd November 2018

Can Beyonce Save Art History? – ResFest Courtauld Institute  X  Ulster MuseumBelfast, 25th October 2018

Creative Legacies: Collaborative Practices for Digital Cultural HeritageDigital Research in the Arts and Humanities – Malta – 9th -12th September 2018.

Rising to the Challenge: Digital Innovation in Museums – Plateforme 10 – Lausanne, Switzerland – TBC April 2018

Social Media and The Arts – National Theatre – 18th January 2018

Taking a skills-led approach to your museum career. Moving Up: Building a Dynamic Career – Museums Association – Cardiff – 26th February 2018. Booking Link.

Crowdfunding WorkshopWe Are Museums – Latvia – 11th June 2017

Conference HostCulture Geek – London – 19th May 2017

Working in the Art World: Professional Practice Reimagined GLAD Conference – Manchester – 6th April 2017

Developing your Professional Digital Identity – BAU International Berlin – 17th March 2017

Professional Practice Talk: MA Media Management – Middlesex University – February 2017

Workshop for Early Career Researchers – Digital Networking for research and career development – Canterbury University – Funded by the British Academy and University of Ulster – 5th October 2016

Guest Lecture – Crowdfunding research and practice – Middlesex University – MA Media Management, 13th February 2017

Talk: Developing Your Digital Footprint: A Workshop for Emerging ArtistsArt Rooms, Art Fair – London – 21st January 2017

Session Chair -DAY 1 – Museum Next – Dublin – 18th April 2016

What makes a city creative? – D.A.T.E LAB – This is Antwerp – 18th March 2016

Workshop: Digital Strategy for Artists: Golden Thread Gallery – Artist’s Career Enhancement Programme, Northern Ireland – 25th August 2015

Workshop: Creating Awesome Digital Content for Under a Fiver: A Practical Workshop for Artists and Designer-Maker: Creative Peninsula, Northern Ireland  – 26th August 2015

Older Talks and Workshops

Creative Economy Seminar – 27th March 2015, Carrick-on-Shannon, Ireland

> How to Make Awesome Digital Content + Stand Out Online

Driving Digital – 20th November 2014, Belfast, Northern Ireland

> Driving Digital Debate – Panel Chair

Arts & Business NI: Masterclass – 20th October 2014, Belfast, Northern Ireland

> Crowdfunding Masterclass

Developing your Fundraising Mix – 7th October 2014, Belfast, Northern Ireland

> Fundraising Online

Collaboration Interchange – 17th September 2014, Belfast Northern Ireland

> Family Friendly Galleries

CXNI: Creative Collaborative Futures – 5th Dec 2013, Belfast, Northern Ireland

> Invited speaker: Topic TBC

Irish Museums Association: Online Collections and Interpretation – 8th Nov 2013, Derry, Northern Ireland

> Invited speaker:  (workshop) Cats Are Your Competition

Audiences NI, Digital Day – Oct 2013,  Belfast, Northern Ireland

> Invited speaker: How to Create Awesome Digital Content for Under a Fiver

CultureTech – Sept 2013, Derry, Northern Ireland

> Invited speaker: Remix the Museum

Museums and The Web –  April 2013, Portland, Oregon

> This is Our Playrgound: Recognising the Value of Students as Innovators

MuseumNext – May 2013, Amsterdam 

> R&D on a Shoestring: What’s now, What’s Next, and What’s Within Your Budget?

Engaging Visitors through Play – May 2013, Belfast

> Learning to Play: Hack days, rapid protoyping and digitally mediated solutions

CHArt- Nov 2012, London

> Hacking Art History

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