Remix the Museum

I’ll be speaking at this event in Derry – alongside Remix the Museum there are a number of archive and heritage events at Culture Tech this year. Hope to see you there!

Remix the Museum

The way in which people engage with cultural and artistic works is often defined by the museums, galleries and spaces in which those works reside and the host institutions attitude towards their collections. These spaces are the original curators but like everything else, they’re changing.

Hack days and Museum Labs are helping Museums to develop, change and adapt. Remix The Museum showcases regional, national and international best practice to an approach to help foster openness, innovation and change for cultural institutions.

Developed in partnership with the University of Ulster’s Centre For Media Research, this session will hear from both academics and practitioners on the use of Hack Days as a way to mix and remix content and encounters in Museum Spaces.

Speakers include:

Don Undeen (@donundeen), The Met (NYC)
Samuel Bausson (@samuelbausson), Museomix/Muséum of Toulouse
Mar Dixon (@mardixon), Museumix UK
Oonagh Murphy (@oonaghtweets), Freelance Arts Manager 

Hosted by:

Alan Hook (@alan_hook), from the University of Ulster

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