Wouldn’t it be cool if …

I just watched this video ….

It shows the redesign of

art babble

Its made by the people at IMA Lab – they talk about it here >>

Which made me think …

Wouldn’t it be cool if the big National Museums – Tate, V&A, British Museum etc etc donated their digital teams to regional museums for 24 hours every couple of month.

Imagine team Tate rocking up to the Ulster Museum (my local museum)

Or Team V&A going to visit Poole Museum

…. and for 24 hours hacking, making and building with staff from those museums

(yes I know there are a million and one reasons why this wouldn’t work – but forget them, and you have to admit this would be a great way to drag regional museums into the 21st Century to get them excited about whats possible, and move regional museums beyond conversations about limited resources, money, and staff, to conversations around how can digital tech make us a better, stronger more engaged museum for our visitors and community….. )

Twitter update – seems to be a popular idea

wouldnt it be cool tweets

wouldnt it be cool tweets 2

2 thoughts on “Wouldn’t it be cool if …

    • Oonagh Murphy says:

      Hi Emily
      Think it looks great, the categories are really clear – nice to have the choice to browse by category or search. Just had a quick look at teacher resources the thematic lesson ideas are really useful. Art Babble was always cool, but the redesign has made it heaps cooler – and way easier to use!!!

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